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I’m so scared my life is just over, how do I live with myself knowing about this. 

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you live just like you have always lived. its just a thing. if you get a good ID doctor, and take your meds, and live a good life, and take care of yourself, you will live a FULL LIFE. if you are newly diagnosed, i understand your fears... my first 2 months after diagnosis, i was miserable. pull up your big kid britches, and move forward! YOU GOT THIS!! the only thing that changes is, you must have safe sex, but w everything else going around, thats a good idea, anyway! make sure you take your meds, every day, and dont miss doses. you have to eat right, get plenty of sleep/rest. forgive yourself, and march on. we all make bad decisions, but you just own them, and accept them. 

you are a beautiful person, with a bad experience. it could be worse! if you ever doubt that, take a walk thru a Childrens hospital, ICU. HIV/AIDS is a LIVABLE DISEASE. you take meds, and practice safe sex. everything else is the same, as it has always been! 

if you need to talk, or need help/advice, im happy to share! i have been HIV+ for 32+ years, and i have had full blown AIDS for 25-27-ish years. no one is going to treat you badly, and if they do, F them! push them out of your way and move forward. if you need anything, please reach out! im so NOT new to this, and i have learned a lot along the way! ...especially, i have learned to appreciate life, and all it has to offer. i have raised kids, and grandkids, i never thought i could. and because i first found out in the 80s, when HIV was still a death sentence, (back then, you had 5-7 years to live, after exposure), i had to fit an entire lifetime into those few years, and boy did i LIVE!! ive had an amazing life, and i have had the disease most of my adult life. 

everyone knows SOMEONE, or related to someone who is HIV+, whether they know it or not! you got this! if you need someone to lean on, please reach out!  


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@User12355 Please know that this is not death sentence. There are treatments available that allow HIV poz people to live normal lives, have partners safely and even have children if they choose. While I still pray for a cure, at least I know that I will live long enough (G*d willing) to see my children get married and have children of their own.

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