How to disclose when dating?


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Hello all,

Does anyone have any advice on how one should go about disclosing to a new parter?

Any experiences? When is appropriate... first date? 

Any help.


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How to disclose when dating?

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Hey @hivver‍, if you are planning on being romantically involved with a partner, you have to tell them and should do so well before it arrives to that point. Telling a partner is never easy and doing so and when can vary with each person, but it is something we must do in order to allow the partner to make a conscious and well-thought decision. Often a partner may have little understanding of HIV/AIDS and the current medications available, so I would aso recommend explaining the options that are available also, but also acknowledging the worst case scenario.

Always be honest is my opinion and doing so the earlier the better in order to not hurt either emotionally. Remember, if the relationship is good and the person decides to leave, it is not you in the sense they are walking away from, but it is unfortunately the diagnosis. The sooner you can come to grip with this, the sooner things become easier also, though.

How to disclose when dating?

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Thank you for your response. I agree... always before anything close to sex. I was just trying to, I guess, get a better idea of how others have done it... what did they find was the best approach and when? How did they react?

I am not currently in this situation (have been before, but did not turn out the way I had hoped), so since I joined here I was hoping to get some input.

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