Tips to lower the overnight BG readings?


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This question is being poster for a member - his post is posted below. Any help appreciated!

"I am 68 yr old male with high fasting BG....during the day it is fine. Any tips to lower the overnight readings? Should I eat any particular foods before bed? This has me stumped......your replies will certainly be appreciated!"



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Tips to lower the overnight BG readings?

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If you look up "dawn phenomenon" , it will probably explain better than I can, but here goes. Between 4&8 in the morning, our bodies start preparing for the day.  Since you have not eaten recently,the liver will dump sugar into the system which causes the pancreas to make insulin.  And there you go!  High fasting bg.

Because I take a handful of pills at bedtime and I don't like them to get lonely in there, I have a small snack at bedtime;some peanut butter crackers or a SMALL amount of dark chocolate (70% cocoa,or more is best)or a bit of cheese or other protein.  I don't know if it helps, but I usually have a good fasting number.

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