Finding the right insulin


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Anyone have adverse effects from changing from one type of insulin to another?

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Finding the right insulin

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Hello @Jmany8‍, thank you for opening this discussion. Let me tag some other members who can possibly share their experiences with you.

Hi everyone, for those you who need insulin, have any of you change from one type to another? If so, did you have any negative side effects? 

Feel free to share any experiences with us here!

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Finding the right insulin

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I had allergic reaction from some insulin, it was making me itch! One even made me feel sick to my stomach that I couldn't keep anything down. But loss weight because of it!

Finding the right insulin

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I was using Ozempic. It caused me to have gastric issues to the point of having lost almost 100 lbs. They changed me to Trulisity and have not had any issues.

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Finding the right insulin

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This will cure your diabetes type 2 which is insulin resistance. We are just not built to eat carbohydrates 3 times a day plus snacks for 50 years or so.   This will get you off the insulin 99% 

Eat a high healthy fat, low protein, very low carb diet.  Eat Eggs, Whole cheese, Bacon, butter ,one piece rye bread.

Next Meal choose among Fish, Beef, Lamb, Shellfish, leafy vegetables, whole cheese , tomato's , avocado olive oil, coconut and or coconut  oil.  nuts and berries in moderation.

Eat every meal until you are full, no snacks, if you are hungry eat more fat during the next meal

Take 1000 metformin  twice a day.   

This will reverse your insulin resistance and you can get off the metformin within a few months or so.

This is 100% effective and although your doctor may not tell you this, he will agree with it 100%

You can cure yourself.

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