Drinking alcohol with diabetes?


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Hey guys, I will be 23 next year and to be honest I have never really drank alcohol besides maybe 2 beers since turning 21; however, I have a wedding to attend in a few months and I was hoping to have some social drinks with friends as I am one of the groomsmen. 

I was wondering and curious if anyone has any recommendations on drinking with diabetes. I have read that it can lower your blood sugar level. 

Also I am on insulin. Thanks guys!

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Drinking alcohol with diabetes?

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@sportfan365‍ how was the wedding? I am assuming it has happened by now.

Did you ever get any recommendations from another source in regard to your question? Sorry there were no responses upon your request; however, at that time the site was new (only 2 months live), but since then we have grown greatly.

Does anyone have any recommendations for future people with a similar question?

Drinking alcohol with diabetes?

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Yea, alcohol can mess with your body's ability to regulate blood glucose and are bodies are already off, so limiting alcohol is important. If you drink, make sure to do so slowly and in moderation and never on an empty stomach.

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