Testing positive for COVID with diabetes


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My wife and I tested positive for what seems to be a fairly milf case of covid. No worries. Donald Trump will send his medical team to help.

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Testing positive for COVID with diabetes

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@puppydog2 Hello puppydog2, thank you for opening this discussion. I'm glad to hear that you only have a mild case! Would you mind sharing a bit of your experience with us? Some of our other members may be interested to hear how COVID-19 interacts with/impacts diabetes.

Hi everyone, how are you holding up? Have any of you also experienced COVID-19? If so, what kinds of symptoms did you have? How are you doing now?

Feel free to share your experiences here, your voice is important!

Take care,

Testing positive for COVID with diabetes

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I'd also be very interested. I've heard that when you have it it can make your blood sugar go haywire. @puppydog2 did that happen for you?

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