What do you recommend eating during hypoglycemia?


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Hello everyone. I wanted to ask for some of your more experienced one's opinions on what is the best thing for me to have when I expercing hypoglycemia?

What do you recommend I eat and/or drink which is still healthy????

I am exercising more often and have been focusing on becoming a more healthier me!

HOWEVER, exercising can sometimes induce hypoglycemia - but I do not want to shove some unhealthy stuff inside of me - I wan to try and maintain my healthy habits! What do you recommend and when.

Thank you all 

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What do you recommend eating during hypoglycemia?

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I would drink a sugary drink... like OJ.., because it is a fast digesting carb. But I also like to eat something with some slower digesting carbs to balance it out and for my BG level to not spike/drop because the slow digesting carbs take long to digest and thus sustain a slow release.

Have you talked to your doctor? 

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