Living with type 1 diabetes

Having a disease like type 1 diabetes affects your life. Between monitoring your blood glucose, taking insulin, watching what you eat and controlling your activity level, diabetes can affect many areas of your life.


It's a lifelong commitment to control diabetes. With time it can become routine, but there may be many questions and obstacles along the way.

How to live with type 1 diabetes

Fortunately you will have a care team to help you deal with many of your questions and annual check-ups will be provided, to give you the best possible foundation to manage your diabetes. There will most likely be some fundamental changes in your lifestyle, such as your diet and exercise. Going to a restaurant can become a challenge and Sunday football in the park has to be well organized. But to break it down, it is possible to lead a normal life with diabetes. With little investments you can get great outcomes.

Last updated: 9/25/17

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