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Has anyone heard of (good or bad) or used the new Freestyle Libre? I am interested in acquiring it because "pricks" are never fun.

It seems it allows us monitor continuously our blood glucose level with a handheld system/ sensor worn on the back of the upper arm.

I am very interested in hearing any opinions on this.

Thank you in advance.

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Opinions on the Freestyle Libre
Member Carenity
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Hi @Judy349899‍,

I have Freestlye Libre and love it because it grants me more control over my diabetes; however, I know others who do not "love it." I will also tell you that the libre does not completely get rid of pin pricks. I still use them at times to make sure the Libre's readings are accurate or if I suspect my blood glucose is too low or too high, which is not often since I know have the freedom of the Libre.

Another factor is that the with the pin pricks, you get an accurate "immediate" reading of your blood glucose levels; however, with CGMS, like the Freestlye Libre, the blood glucose readings tend to be about 10 minutes behind of the blood glucose meter because CGMS measure through interstitial fluid.

However, what I have noticed is that the Freestyle Librea has given me the ability to manage my diabetes much better and keep me away from needing to go to the doctors as often beause I have much better control of my blood glucose levels and my diabetes in general.

Hope this helps!