What does "deviation" mean?


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Hi guys. So I'm having a hard time understanding what deviation means (we'll call it a blonde moment lol) when I looked it up it said it basically means it's the difference on either side of your average blood sugar. But I looked on my app it says my average blood sugar for the day is 79mg/dl with a deviation of +/-15mgdl but one of my blood sugars was 104 (which obviously isnt a bad number) but thats bigger than a 15 point difference. I'm so confused and it's probably something so simple lmao. I'll post a pic for reference.

(App is mysugr) 

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What does "deviation" mean?

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You are correct with your understanding of "deviation." However, the deviation applies to the average, thus your average blood sugar for the day can be +/- 15 mgdl from 79. So basically, your average blood sugar rating could be between 64 - 94. The smaller the deviation the better.

So do not think of it as +/- 15 from any one blood sugar test. The more fluctuation in your blood sugar tests throughout the day will likely lead to a higher deviation... does that make sense?

What does "deviation" mean?

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@naptnm yes it does. Tysm! 

What does "deviation" mean?

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Glad I could help. Their support staff is good also, so if there is ever a question and you need a quick answer, dont hesitate to contact them also.

Have a good day!

What does "deviation" mean?

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@naptnm‍ Thank you for your response to @sarahsmilesx3‍.

@naptnm‍ your response is spot on. I also contacted the mysugr support team for your question the day you posted it @sarahsmilesx3‍ and today I got a response. It is basically what @naptnm‍ stated, but a bit more in detail. Please find the response to my question "about what deviation on the mysugr app means" below:

"Hi there!
Thank you for your message and taking the time to write us!

We use the following formula:
sqrt ( sumSquare - (sumMeasurements * averageMeasurement) / numberOfMeasurements )

- sumSquare is the sum of all squared measurements
- sumMeasurements is the sum of all measurements
- averageMeasurement is the average of all measurements
- numberOfMeasurements is the number of measurements
- sqrt is the square root

Standard Deviation is all about how much your blood sugar swings up and down - or how much it varies from your target on average. It's a good way to know if your average blood sugar is a true reflection of good control, or if it's a mix of many highs and lows.

I hope that helps - please let me know if you have additional questions about it! ?‍


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