Just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and freaking out


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Hi everyone,

Six days ago I have diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It literally appeared out of nowhere. I was perfectly fine until about two weeks ago when I was having blurry vision, unquenchable thirst and having to pee a lot. I told my dad who is a doctor and he said to get my blood glucose levels tested. To say the least my levels were very high. I got some insulin from the doctor and it began to fix my problem. 

However, I am having a really hard time with the diagnosis. First off, I have a fear of needles. Totally fine when they are being put into others but when it comes to sticking a needle into myself I have a mini panic attack. Yet I have to do it 5 times a day usually. I have gotten better at injecting myself but I still freak out a little every time. On top of this, everyone is talking about counting carbs and adjusting your diets and all that stuff. I usually am a pretty healthy balanced eater but I love my deserts, anything chocolate is irresistible. I love pancakes and bread and pretty such anything carbs. Now its like I can no longer eat any of the things I love. I have been allergic to all nuts since I was little, which limited me more than one would think. As such many deserts or candies were off limits, even some breads and other things that could contain or have been in contact with nuts. So I could only eat deserts that were nut free and now I cant eat them at all?? 

I feel a little pathetic for complaining about not being able to eat some foods but with that restriction and the needle injections of insulin on top of that, I feel pretty depressed. Every time my family sits down for a meal I have to steal myself away to check blood sugar and inject insulin. Then every time they gather for dessert to celebrate I am left to the side watching everyone enjoy the celebration. 

But mostly what makes me depressed is the thought that I am going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life. It seems impossible right now. If anyone has any advice at all on how to deal with everything I would really appreciate it, I am feeling so completely overwhelmed.

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Just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and freaking out

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Hi @aldaniele‍ I have been diagnosed for some years and it just becomes a way of life. Yes, it is depressing in the beginning and there are so many worries and fears, but soon the needle pricks become less cumberson (if you hate needles --> Go with a pump; have you looked into that?)

Honestly, changning my eating habits was probably for the better of me. You will have ups and downs, mood swings, and weight swings, but stay active! stay up beat! and stay in contact with your doctor.

Have you spoken to your doctor about the pump?

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