Just became a mom and cannot lose weight!!!


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7 months ago I became a mom to my beautiful baby girl.  I had an idea of difficulty becoming a parent but becoming a parent as a T1D has been incredibly difficult.  I do not have family to help besides my husband who’s at work and I also work 3 days from home 2 at job location. The beginnings were the toughest I couldn’t find time to make myself something healthy to eat like I used to and although it has gotten better I haven’t lost ANY weight after pregnancy.  my insulin intake quadrupled during my pregnancy and still not taking what I used to before.  I want to start doing better I want to be around a while for my baby. I’m truly struggling with diet and finding the time to exercise.  I would love some adevise/rrecommendations from you that have been here before.

thank you! 

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Just became a mom and cannot lose weight!!!

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Hello members, does anyone have advice for @Alisonportelli‍ 

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