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Hey everyone,

I have been running more often for about 12 minutes - I have increased it from 5 minutes then 8 minutes. I am just cautious about my BG level being impacted.

So, I want to try eventually run long distance... heck if I Can eventually, even a half marathon! 

I am looking for anyone who runs to share their experience and tips. How can I balance the running and BG levels? Are there certain ways I should utilize the insulin? Diet?

Thank you in advance

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Increasing running distance with diabetes and insulin
Member Carenity
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Hi @Hidden username‍ I use an insulin pump and glucose monitor (Dexcom) to monitor my blood glucose levels when I run... gives you more freedom and allows you to monitor and adjust insulin as you need. Also, know your numbers, your A1C, and listen to your body. If you were able to run 2 miles yesterday with no difficulty, but then a week later can hardly run 4 minutes... that is fine. There are many factors at play when we are talking about insulin and glucose.