Food and the Holidays... What do you do?


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As Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and other holidays are fast approaching, many of us will be faced with an enormous amount of foods, of which much may be unhealthy and high in sugar.

However, not only because of the food, holidays are nice and enjoyable, because we are able to spend time with loved-ones and enjoy some time away from the busy hours of work.


How do you approach the holidays and food?

Do you make special arrangements or proposals in regard to plans and food?


Beginning of the discussion - 11/22/18

Food and the Holidays... What do you do?

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This is a good question. For me, I try to approach the holidays as open-minded as possible and not let my diabetes hinder my enjoyment. That being said, my family often prepares dishes that are diabetic friendly; however, I always  ensure to bring extra insulin in case.

Food and the Holidays... What do you do?

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Thank you for accepting my membership. I agree with the above poster. I try to not let my diabetes hinder me enjoying the holidays with the family, but I am mindful of my condition at the same time. I always make sure I am prepared. I do not ask my family to all make sure the food is diabetic diet because I am the only one who is diabetic. However, they usually make an extra dish for me, but I always have a back-up.

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