Does Diabetes affect your wound healing?


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A diagnosis of diabetes can impede wound healing; sometimes a simple scrape or cut can turn into a health issue because of the delayed / impeded healing, which can negatively affect one's quality of life and/or increase the risk of developing infections and other complications.

Nerve damage, poor circulation, and the impairment of the function of white blood cells are all effects of diabetes that can lead to the slowing of wound healing.

Have you had any experience with slow wound healing secondary to diabetes?

Do you have any recommendations for others on how to improve wound healing despite a diabetes diagnosis?

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Does Diabetes affect your wound healing?

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From research, it seems that any decrease in wound healing that is do to effects from diabetes seems to be the thought it is due to a high BG and/or decrease in sensation.

So if anyone is experiencing this, check your blood sugar levels and make sure they are still under control and ensure you monitor it. Also if you are experiencing any decreased sensation especially in areas where weight is placed, like ankles, buttocks, soles of feet, etc. speak to your doctor and seek out a PT has experience working with diabetics so they can show you alternatives to decrease the pressure placed on the wound.

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