Do You Count Carbs? Benefits/Experiences?


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Hello Carenity members,

Carbohydrate counting (carb counting)is a tool utilized by those with and without diabetes. Do you count carbohydrates? Do you find it helpful in maintaining your blood glucose levels close to normal? Do you have any other similar tips in managing your blood glucose?


For those not familiar with carb counting, it involves monitoring the amount of carbohydrates in the foods you eat at each meal throughout the day and matching that to your dose of insulin and, with the right balance of physical activity and insulin, it can help manage your blood glucose. 

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Do You Count Carbs? Benefits/Experiences?

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Yes. I do count carbs and found it helps! It helps me keep my blood glucose in check by better knowing how much insulin I should take. I recommend, for those of who do not count carbs or are interested in doing so, to speak to your doctor or do research on how to calculate your insulin to carb ratio.

Doing so has worked for me!

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