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Well I disappeared for a few months because I thought I didn’t need this app however I’ve started feeling negatively again and I don’t know what to do. Would love to talk to someone

Beginning of the discussion - 6/29/20

I’m back

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@nbargeron Hi nbargeron, welcome back to Carenity! I'm sorry you're struggling with negativity. We have a pinned discussion in our Living with depression group that may be useful to you:

Need someone to talk to/Listen to others

Many of our members go there to find comfort and support. Feel free to share how you're feeling there, I'm sure other members will be able to share some words of advice and support with you.

Take care,

I’m back

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Hi this is my first time on here i need someone to talk to i always be depressed and i have anxiety i feel so alone and hopeless

I’m back

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I have felt the same way many times. It really stinks. But you can get through it. 

Do you go to counciling or have  like a care manager? They can both be helpful.

I can be in a crowd and feel alone and or anxiety. So I just pretty much stay to myself and try to keep busy so my mind doesnt stick on one thing too much. I have lots of animals and I love fishing when I can work up the motivation. 

Well I hope you feel better then when you posted this. Have a good night and try to smile alittle