Olanzapine + drowsiness / weight gain?


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Hi everyone,

Has anyone experienced weight gain with Olanzapine? I have noticed that since I have switched to Olanzapine, my weight has increased by 15 pounds. Granted this has occurred over about 6 months, but still. Maybe it is because my metabolism has slowed, but I stayed about the same weight for years and tend to not eat much as many with our condition do. Just looking for other input.

Also, it does make me drowsy. I emailed my psychiatrist and have an appointment scheduled. She had recommend Bupropion which may help with the drowsiness. 

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Olanzapine + drowsiness / weight gain?

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Hi @twomes‍ I have not noticed a weight gain, but I do notice I am always hungry it seems... but at this point I do not think I have had any weight gain and if I have had any weight gain it is minimal.

But the medicine makes me more tired/dizzy/and agitated. My doctor prescribed me wellbutrin at a small dosage to help with the lows (which I get more than highs it seems) and with the fatigue.

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