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This medication is usually indicated for the treatment of Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia.
Molecule: Cariprazine

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on 6/24/23

Vraylar is a class III antipsychotic medication used to treat bipolar disorder. After 12yrs of being a guinea pig of terrible drugs from SSRIs, through class I and class II antipsychotics, I finally found a medication that legitimately helps.

Before Vraylar i wasn’t doing well. I never held a job for longer than a year maybe- I would always be “sick”; I didn’t know when it was physical vs mental sickness. Vraylar doesn’t make me feel boxed in. It makes me feel like myself but more confident and more sure of myself. It calms my mania but still lets me enjoy it. And the bad depression sessions are greatly relieved.

Class III antipsychotics are phenomenal. They act as an antagonist on the D3 dopamine receptor. Classes I & II both act on D2 and clearly that only makes people feel crazy, locked in a box emotionally/flat, “not like myself”, etc. Mania on D2 inhibitors… I used to drain my bank account.


SSRIs (Lexapro, Prozac, etc): never touch them! This was a wild stab in the dark solution from pharmaceutical suits. “Depressed people are sad. Serotonin makes people happy. Let’s ignore what it will do to the neural network and inhibit the uptake of serotonin across the synaptic gap. That will somehow solve depression… or kill people. Whatever. We tried.”


CLASS I ANTIPSYCHOTICS: They should be illegal. Where is the FDA?! How is Halodol still being prescribed?!

CLASS II ANTIPSYCHOTICS: They got it closer to a legit solution with class II. But “close” when we’re talking about rewiring your thought processing- that should scare you. Abilify made me jump off a roof. Seroquel is just a sedative replacement for a lobotomy. Zyprexa/Respiridone is just as bad. They missed it with all of them because all of them work on the D2 receptor which clearly has nothing to do with solving the imbalance.

VRAYLAR has been the only class III ever created. You know why? Because it works! Competition isn’t even going to try when patients are reporting the first positive feedback in the history of mental health pharmaceuticals- at least that isn’t from a placebo effect.

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