What treatments have you tried for bipolar disorder? What works for you?


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***EDIT 4/24/21***
My doctor switched my Zyprexa anti psychotic once a day to Lithium twice a day. He also increased  my 100 MG Lamictil mood stabilizer from 100 MG once a day to 100 MG twice a day. I just started this regiment yesterday so I hope this combination works.  

I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder about 15 years ago. I used to see a psychologist for my depression and anxiety before my bipolar diagnosis. My GP is the one who prescribes my Zyprexa, Celexa. and Xanax. I tried mental health counseling for about a year and it didn’t help much. The agency did set me up with a psychiatrist who put me on the mood stabilizer, Lamictil. 

What therapies do you use that are the most beneficial? This whole Covid pandemic has really done a number on my mental health as I’m sure it has done to others. As far as bipolar goes, I am typically in a depressive state. But when I go manic it’s no joke off the chains. I won’t sleep for days, I get psychotic hallucinations, I become much more talkative and talk so fast. I make lists of things I want to do and start all of them but get easily sidetracked and rarely finish any of them. I don’t get grandiose but my confidence grows. I’m typically in a wonderful mood when I’m manic due to the euphoria. 

Lately I’ve either had issues with insomnia or I’m hypomanic. Without talking to my doctor I won’t know for sure which it is. During these episodes I typically won’t sleep for about 2 days,  I’m irritable, but am able to function normally. I assume this is a hypomanic episode and not insomnia. 

Do any of you out there have therapy suggestions to help control hypomanic episodes as well as full out manic episodes aside from talk therapy and medication? Do things like meditation and deep, controlled breathing help?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! 


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What treatments have you tried for bipolar disorder? What works for you?

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@SparkleMotion14 Hello Elizabeth, thank you for opening this discussion and for sharing what you've been going through. I agree with you, I think the pandemic has been so hard on us all. Let me tag some other members who can share with you! emoticon cute

Hi everyone, what medications or treatments have you tried for bipolar disorder? What has worked the best for you? Are there any particular therapies or alternative treatments that have helped with manic or hypomanic episodes?

Feel free to share with us here!

Take care,

What treatments have you tried for bipolar disorder? What works for you?

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Hi Elizabeth,

Like you I was diagnosed with depression years ago, in my 20's and it wasn't until years later and going thru chemotherapy that a psyc saw I was going thru bouts of mania and gave me a bipolar diagnosis. I think originally he thought me bipolar1, but as time went on that didn't seem the case. He started me on lithium and it did help some and he added mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics along the way, experimenting to see which worked best. The one that I keep going back to is olanzapine/zyprexa. I always do better coming out of depression on this one, but it makes me gain weight and that makes me feel awful. SO we experimented and longggg story short I'm back on 7.5 olanzapine. 120 duloxetine and 6mg/twice daily of pramipexole for the last year. I've had a good year despite the pandemic on this concoction. But the 3 years prior I was majorly depressed almost ALL the time. My hypomania in bipolar presents itself more as quick talking, little patience with slow moving people or things, anger quickening, needing less sleep, starting 300 projects at the same time and finishing none. I wish I had more grand euphoria, but that is unlikely to happen. My depression/anxiety is awful and I feel like I've lost years of my life living like that. I've done accupuncture with some relief, essential oils, yoga, meditation -these have helped a little. I really don't like being on meds either, but I've come to the conclusion that I can't go off them anymore. Talk therapy has helped some, but I find my therapist talks too much about her own self sometimes, comparing my situation to something she might have gone thru. I get bored with that! When I start feeling good I stop therapy. I think finding a really good psychiatrist and therapist is KEY. My psyc is my lifeline.  I don't know anyone else who is bipolar, so it's nice to come here and read other's stories. I don't know how to come out of a hypomanic state because when I happen to be in one I kinda enjoy it! I ride it out, knowing the depression will settle in after and then I'm in real trouble! I hope you find a good mix of meds or other therapies that work well for you!

What treatments have you tried for bipolar disorder? What works for you?

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***EDIT 4/24/12***
My doc switched me from Zyprexa 20 MG twice a day to Lithium twice a day and my mood stabilizer Lamictil from 100 MG once a day to 100 MG twice a day. I pray this combo works. I just started it yesterday. I’ve been in a hypomanic state for 4 days. I’ve barely slept, I did an extremely big spring cleaning for many hours, my mind is racing, and I’m talking so much, so fast, and louder than normal and my husband has to tell me I’m doing it because I don’t really think I’m doing anything different, but I am. 😕

@Cici83 You and I sound quite similar. I take Zyprexa, Lamictil, Celexa, and Xanax. The Lamictil was just added about 8 moths ago and I have just recently noticed that it is helping a lot. Over the past 3-4 months I’ve had about 6 or so hypomania episodes. It’s been some time since I’ve gone full on manic. I’m going to talk to my doctors and tell them what’s been going and hopefully between my GP and my psychiatrist, they will help find something to help control these episodes. 


What treatments have you tried for bipolar disorder? What works for you?

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I was on Lamictal and Celexa with Wellbutrin too all at the same time.  I have ativan that I take when I need it. Sometimes my PDoc would change my meds so fast I didn't know why or what I was on. It's like he expects them to work within a day or two and if I had any negative effects we'd stop taking them. I ask him why did 1 antidepressant work for me for like 20 years to stall my depression. Now all of a sudden I'm told I'm bipolar and wellbutrin or celexa doesnt' work anymore. No real answer. It's so strange to me. How long do your hypomanic episodes last? Are they really bad?  Do you like your Pdoc? I don't trust my general doctor to know what to do with me. He knows I'm bipolar and really doesn't touch it. I get thyroid meds from him and now high cholesterol meds, otherwise the rest come from PDoc. I hope both of your docs can come up with something that will work for you!

What treatments have you tried for bipolar disorder? What works for you?

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@Cici83 I see my GP and he’s the best. He really understands my condition. My hypomanic episodes typically last 2-3 days. However I’m in the middle of an episode right now and I’m on day 4. My GP changed my antipsychotic from Zyprexa (it quit working) to Lithium twice a day and increased my my mood stabilizer Lamictil from 100 MG once a day to 100 MG twice a day. I hope this works. 

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