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Sometimes when I get a moment alone I just cry, I cry and I listen to music and I let myself feel everything that I hide from the people I love. What I wouldn't give to just be sad, I don't even know how to be happy anymore. It's an overwhelming feeling that nothing will ever get better. I'm drowning And I'm stuck in my own head.

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Need a friend

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One of the best quotes I've ever heard is...."even the strong get tired"

Some how, we wake up, and trudge on, I'm at my lowest point ever in my life, and I have no reason or understanding of why I keep getting out of my bed everyday.

Maybe today's reason was so I could read your story and feel some type of connection through this forum.

And for that I thank you, try and see the forest through the trees my friend 

Need a friend

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@Mick31311‍ @Hg5460723‍  There's a quote I like that's kind of along those lines: "Only in the darkness can you see the stars"

Stay strong everyone, it does get better. You're not alone.

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