What treatments are there (besides NSAIDs and TNF inhibitors)?


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Hi, I hope this question isn't too repetitive, but I'm looking for any information I can get. I'm newly diagnosed and I was hoping to get some advice on treatment possibilities for this.

I'm allergic to most NSAIDs and I can't take anti-TNFs because I also have a heart condition and it's contraindicated. I'm not sure what my treatment options are yet. 

If anyone could share some advice with me or point me in the right direction of resources I could read I'd be really grateful. I've just starting my research into this so I'm a bit green. Apologies again if this is repetitive.


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What treatments are there (besides NSAIDs and TNF inhibitors)?

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@EmilyJP Hello EmilyJP, thank you for opening this discussion. emoticon bashful

Let me tag some members who can maybe share some information or advice with you:
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What medicines or treatments for AS, besides NSAIDs and TNF inhibitors do you know of or recommend?

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What treatments are there (besides NSAIDs and TNF inhibitors)?

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My doctor prescribed Methotrexate. I was taking 7 pills a week for about 4 years. I notice some changes over time with my teeth. They I met someone who took this med for many years too. His teeth were rotting out, especially in the front. He told me he took himself off the the medication due to the severity of decay in his teeth.

I stopped taking this medication too. But have been in severe pain for about 4 months. So it was obviously working. So I recommend researching any medication before you begin it. I can't take anything anti- inflammatory because it messes with my stomach so bad. So do we take this medication that works and deal with its consequences  if/or they happen?

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