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anyone have experience with cbd either oral, cream or oil with severe RA?  Already taking simponi, plaquenil, steroids 10 mg daily for 13 yrs. On fentynal 12 patch.  What if I tried cbd?  Can I hope to replace the fentynal?thanks, Mary.  Ps. I’ve never tried pot

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cbd - anyone have experience with it for pain?
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Hi @Hidden username‍ - great question and I am sure some members will be responding to you; however, I want to bring your attention to some of the top discussions were CBD was discussed as a method for treating pain. Feel free to check out these discussions and comment, as these are already on going discussions. Not each is in the RA group, but still may be of assistance as most of the conversations are about pain.

I also would recommend you join the chronic pain group by clicking here and clicking the Join Group button. I would also recommend posting your question in that group as well - That group is dedicated for anyone, no matter what the cause (RA, OA, lupus, etc.), who is dealing with chronic pain.

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