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Does anyone have any suggestions on who I could contact for urgent assistance with transitional living?  I am having one thing go wrong after the next.  My stress level is insanely high, I am mid flare and don't want to end up in hospital.  January is too cold for camping, and would just like help with a place to be and direction to go in. I do have some time, but not much, and when it comes to funds they are little if any.  

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I am in Tulsa Oklahoma and I have no medical insurance or support. I need treatment so I can get housing and employment been denied disability. Just want to give up any suggestions?

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Has anyone had trouble with your ra meds that they suddenly stop working? Mine have and need to switch but has to have insurance approval! 2 weeks I will have to wait approximately! Thank you for any input!

Support Organizations
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Hello @Hidden username@Hidden username‍ 

I did some research and found these orgs outline below; perhaps if neither is exactly what you are in need of, you can contact one of them and they can provide you with an organization that can better suit your needs. I hope some of these help and if any other members have any advice, hope for their input also.

Prescription / Health Insurance Assistance:

The Assistance Fund: 855-845-3663

Benefits Check Up:

Good Days: 877-968-7233

Needy Meds: 800-503-6897

RX Outreach:

Immediate or Emergency Help:

211.org ): can help with housing, utitlitis, food, crisis, and health

Modest Needs ( ): can provide small no-strings- attached financial grant for short-term crisis

Need Help Paying Bills( ): organizes resources based on need, location and eligibility to help you find help paying bills.

Aunt Bertha ( an extensive, easy-to-use database of resources. Search results are based on your zip code and then categorized by need (food, housing, goods, transit, health, money, care, education, work, legal, etc.).

Global Genes ( Global Genes collects resources that might be useful if your have a rare disease, including some patient grants. The organization also provides a great deal of patient education.

Government Assistance

Benefits Check Up ( helps you navigate mostly federal government programs based on personal information you input. It organizes information and searching by assistance category, including: medications, health care, income, food, utilities and housing.