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I would like to get any help with my situation. I am recovering  from my 14th surgery from ra. Before i was seriously effected i was in pretty good shape as far as muscle tone.  I have had 5 surgeries on my arms. Any muscle tone i once had has turned into fat. The  fat on my upper arms has made it difficult to wear some blouses, shirts  and sweaters.   When io had my latest surgery  i asked the surgeon if insurance would cover liposuction for this area. I was told no only if i had weight loss surgery. Every where else i still remain a size 6. I would like to get any adcive on getting this procedure covered by insurance.

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Liposuction - weight gain due to numerous surgeries from RA

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@maryannw Wow I am so sorry you have had so many surgeries. What kind of surgeries?

From my knowledge of this, liposuction is covered by insurance if it is weight loss, so if it is limited to the arms this would be likely considered to be cosmetic surgery, and, like your doctor said - not covered.

You can always call you insurance company and ask them to do a coverage determination to see if they will cover it, but there would likley have to be some type of medical necessity for it to be covered.

Liposuction - weight gain due to numerous surgeries from RA

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Thanks I have spoken to them already. They sent guidelines for the treatment so it could be covered.

with regard to my surgeries for RA  here are some of the cause. 

Radial head removed from  left elbow it had become so swollen that my ligaments could not keep it in place

Left hand fingers tendons snapped so they were repaired Ed I could use hand again

left wrist had repair to a bone 

right wrist fused with metal rod

right knee replaced on 3 occasions 

left and then right  feet fused

partial removal of thyroid due to hashimoto syndrome 

carpal tunnel right wrist 

partial amnke fusion

I have serious reactions to biologics 

the last drug Simponi after 1 injection  my hair felll outand I Noel have psoriasis over entire body 

Liposuction - weight gain due to numerous surgeries from RA

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@maryannw That is great! Insurance will cover it... such good news.

And wow! I cannot believe the amount of surgeries! I am so sorry you went through all of them. Were they all stemmed from RA?