What is your ovarian cancer story? Let's share!


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Hello everyone, 

How are you today? 

I thought I would create this discussion so we can all get to know one another better!

So, what is your ovarian cancer story? When and how were you diagnosed? What syptoms were you having that let you know something was wrong? What treatment(s) have you undergone? And how are you doing today?
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Feel free to share your story, experiences or advice with us here!

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 8/11/20

What is your ovarian cancer story? Let's share!

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@Courtney_J Hi, earlier this year. I had been having pains and pressure in my abdomen and sex was really painful. My stomach was bloated and I would have to use the toilet at night several times, and then when I would get out of bed in the morning I would feel a strange sort of pressure in my pelvis. I finally went to the gynecologist who ordered a CA125 test and ultrasound. My CA125 results were high, pointing to cancer, and in the ultrasound they could tell I had some masses. I had a hysterectomy and ovary removal and I've been told I don't need chemo. I feel like I've been abandoned. I'm still healing and in am in a lot of pain and I feel like I've been brushed off my my doctors and kind of left with no closure. The whole thing was scary and painful and now I'm on my own. Has anyone else felt like this?

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