Surgery for cervical OA? Nerve pain?

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I have cervical OA and it is getting worse and I am becoming of the feeling of disabled because the pain is so strong. I have nerve pain going down the arms and I am worried I may need surgery.

I have tried conservative treatment with PT, but limited progress.

Does anyone have any opinions or experience with cervical spine surgery? Laminectomy?

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Surgery for cervical OA? Nerve pain?

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I would be cautious of going into any spine surgery. My PT explained to me that often once one segment of the spine is operated on, it places more stress on the vertebra above and below and ultimately leads to additional surgeries to stabalize those areas. 

I have not had such a surgery, but just spreading along the advice I was give.

Have you tried physical therapy? Acupuncture? Dry needling?

STAY AWAY from Chiropractors for your neck and see a good PT. So much difference.