Anyone with OA in the neck... cervical spine?

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Hello thank you for this site.

Does anyone deal with OA in the cervical spine? How do you deal with it? It seems like no matter what I do... I am in pain. I try not to complain but it seems like it progressively is worsening no matter what treatments I try.

I have not had an X-ray for over year and I am fearing I may be having a bone spur or something... am I crazy to think this?????

Has anyone ever had surgery? If so what type of surgery for OA of the cervical spin did you have and waht were the results?

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Anyone with OA in the neck... cervical spine?

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@OAme11‍ I do not have cervical OA, but I am sure I have some sort of OA in my shoulder... I had many surgeries that failed... Dry needling has worked wonders for me... Have you tried dry needling? 

I made a discussion about it in the chronic pain forum. You need to find a good practitioner in it, and this may require trying out various practitioners, but when you do, I think it may help you!

Check my discussion out in the other forum.