What would you like to change about your daily life?


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Hello everyone,

If you could change something in or about your daily life, what would it be? A symptom or complication that bothers or frustrates you? The looks from others? ...

Share and comment in this discussion about your everyday life with obesity.

Also, feel free to create your own discussion or engage in others in the obesity forums to discuss everyday life and feel the support!

Beginning of the discussion - 5/25/19

What would you like to change about your daily life?
Member Carenity
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Well. I would love to eliminate the chronic pain I have in my knees from surgeries... but a symptom of obesity that bothers me is just the fatigue and low energy levels I have. I feel like my confidence has also dwindled a lot. I am not as confident in myself as I used to be. 

I would love to be able to have confidence in myself and not care or think about what other people think of me.