LDN and Methotrexate for Primary progressive MS


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Your opinion on LDN and Methotrexate as off label for PPMS .

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LDN and Methotrexate for Primary progressive MS

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Hi @DebraBeyer‍,

Thank you for your question.

Low-dose naltrexone has not been tested thoroughly enough in clinical trials on multiple sclerosis. This does not mean that it is necessarily an ineffective molecule, it means that its effectiveness has not been proven. In the absence of robust results, my opinion is to be cautious and I would advise opting for drugs have proven results.

The same is true for methotrexate, a drug well known in oncology and certain autoimmune diseases, which has not shown promising efficacy in multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease for which there is a fairly large number of medications. When the current treatment is not satisfactory (not effective enough or causing too many side effects), I advise you to talk to your doctor so that he or she can prescribe another medication that has been approved by the FDA for MS.

Have a nice day!

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