What treatments have you tried for multiple myeloma?


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As you know, there are a variety of treatment options for multiple myeloma depending on the case and patient. Some of these include:

  • targeted therapy
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation therapy
  • immunotherapy
  • corticosteroids
  • stem cell transplant

What type of treatment have you undergone for your multiple myeloma? What was the experience like? Did you have any side effects? How are you doing post-treatment?

Feel free to share any experiences or questions with us here!

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What treatments have you tried for multiple myeloma?

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I'm was diagnosed October 2019, the Oncology-Hematology Dr. Tell me that my treatment was 4 rounds of chemotherapy and after SCT Auto transplant .  The 4 treatments start at the end of October 2019, was treated with KYPROLIS,  Desametasone and Revlimid infusions,  was 2 days every week for 4 months,  I was lucky enough to don't have any reaccion at all.  The transplant was delayed because the Covid-19 started,  but in September 2020 they call me to make sure I was ready for the transplant,  was admitted at the Ochsner Cancer Center in New Orleans  ,Louisiana,  October 21,2020,  the SCT Auto was October 23,2020 , I was lucky to because don't have any big problems,  was for 17 days.  I was discharged and have a check with my Oncology Dr every month,  

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