Newly diagnosed: Can you share any advice?


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I was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma and I don't know a lot about what can I do or how to deal with it. I'm scared and confused.... Anyone out there that can give me some advice?


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Newly diagnosed: Can you share any advice?

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Hi @CEstevez77‍, thank you for opening this discussion. Getting diagnosed with a rare condition can be overwhelming. Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you.

Hi everyone,

Can you share any advice with @CEstevez77‍? Is there anything you would have liked to known when you were first diagnosed with multiple myeloma? 

Take care,

Newly diagnosed: Can you share any advice?

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I have MGUS for 2 years now. The entire time I have discomfort in my upper back which is unusual. I treat with ice and heat and Gabapentin. Anyone else with MGUS experience this? 

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