Does multiple myeloma run in families?


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I know that there are certain things like pesticide poisoning that can cause multiple myeloma. I obviously haven't been impacted by that specifically, but in my family there are already two of us have MM.

Neither of us have worked in jobs where we'd be exposed to that kind of thing, so I'm wondering if MM can run in families?

Is there some kind of genetic link or predisposition for it?

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Does multiple myeloma run in families?

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No.... MM dosen't run in my Famiy But I wonder the many years doing maintenance and various chemicals could have been the cause of my Myeloma. Because before MM I had no symptoms of this disease until my femur bone broke in half at work and later was told I had MM.

Does multiple myeloma run in families?

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Hi @Carlton.L and @JennyBee60, thank you for opening this discussion and sharing with us! There are a number different risk factors for multiple myeloma, including environmental, lifestyle, and hereditary factors like you mentioned!

For our other members, has anyone else in your family been diagnosed with multiple myeloma? Do you know what may have been a contributing factor to your diagnosis?

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