Would you like to help us develop our next lung cancer survey?


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Hello everyone,

How are you today? emoticon cute

If you haven't heard already, the Carenity Team is getting ready to launch our next lung cancer survey. But before we do so, we'd like to get your feedback on the questionnaire to make sure that:

  • the questionnaire covers topics and areas that are relevant to you as a lung cancer patient
  • the survey questions are clear and easy to understand
  • the questionnaire asks questions about parts of your journey with lung cancer that are easy for you to remember and describe

Are you willing to help us with our project? Have you had a chance to look at the questionnaire?
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Feel free to take part in the survey and share your feedback with us by clicking here: Understanding the Patient pathway in lung cancer

Have a great day!

Take care,

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Would you like to help us develop our next lung cancer survey?

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Thanks for this, it sounds like an interesting project

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