Are you satisfied with your cardiologist?


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Hi everyone,

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I thought an interesting topic that hasn't been covered yet in our forum is cardiologists!

What do you think about your cardiologist? How did you meet them? Were you referred by your primary care doctor or did you seek them out yourself? Are you satisfied with the treatments and medications he or she proposes for you? Have you ever changed cardiologists? If so, why?

If you know a wonderful cardiologist in your area, feel free to share with other members! 

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Beginning of the discussion - 6/17/20

Are you satisfied with your cardiologist?

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@Courtney_J I have a pretty good relationship with my cardiologist. I haven't had any problems and he has a great bedside manner. He really listens to my questions and explains things to me in simple terms, which is great as I'm really bad with medical stuff. When I had my stent it was the first surgery I'd ever had done and I was really put at ease by him and all the other doctors and nurses I came in content with. I was lucky.

Are you satisfied with your cardiologist?

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@Courtney_J I don't really know mine well yet, but I have a follow-up appointment soon. Is there anything in particular I should look for or make sure to ask. Sorry for all the questions, I'm just very new to this and kind of a mess. 

Are you satisfied with your cardiologist?

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I  am a US NAVY Veteran so I go to the VA Hospital for all my medical care a lot of people talk bad about the VA Hospitals medical care including some veterans But I think it is one of the best medical care,  they are a teaching hospital so, therefore, they are equipped with the newest medical technology out there I am satisfied with the medical care they provide for me and I am happy with my cardiologist.

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