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Hi everyone.

Diet is a very important component in preventingcoping with, and recovering from disorders of cardiovascular system, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and many others.

Diet is so important that the word, for those with a cardiovascular disorder, is not just a temporary change in a way of eating... A "diet" is a structured and perpetual way of eating for those with such a disorder.

So let's discuss our diets...


What cardiovascular condition are you diagnosed with?

What diet do you follow or does your diet look like?

Have you tried any other diets?

What has been your success?

What is the most important aspect, would you say, in your diet?

How do you stay on the right path?

Anything else you would like to add?

Beginning of the discussion - 2/19/19

What is your diet like?

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Hello @Lee__R‍ thank you for this topic.

I am diagnosed with high cholesterol... getting it under control. Really focus on eating unsaturated fats and staying away from saturated fats and never eating any trans fats! I cannot believe we used to have trans fats in like basically everything we ate! I also focus on monitoring my salt intake... basically I follow the DASH eating plan by the National Heart and Lung Institute.

I stay on the right path because basically I was faced with life or death... and I chose life :) I want to be healthy for my family.

I have not tried any other diets... I completely changed my eating habits when I Was diagnosed and started following the DASH eating plan, but I am open to learning more about other diets that others follow and what has worked for them.

Thank you all for reading and welcoming me.

What is your diet like?

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I have Fabry Disease and as a result had a minor stroke. I am on enzyme replacement therapy and now doing better.

I am currently following the DASH diet. Have you heard of it? Anyone else on the DASH diet?

It is low in sugar and kind of pretty low in fat. It is geared to those people with high blood pressure, so it is to help lower the blood pressure; however, from reading and doing research I have found the DASH diet is a good diet for those with Fabry disease.

What is your diet like?

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@KansasTed I'm not familiar with Fabry disease or DASH unfortunately. What is the DASH diet about? I just joined yesterday.I recently had a heart attack and I'm having a hard time recovering and adapting to my new life post-attack.

I'm interested in learning on how to change my diet to prevent any further heart problems. I've heard that red meat or meat in general can be bad for the heart, should I go towards a vegetarian diet? Or just any diet that's focused on weight loss? I know fiber is supposed to be good for cholesterol (or at least that's what the Cheerios box tells me), should I be focusing on that? I haven't made an appointment yet with a nutritionist so I thought I'd see what you all think here.


What is your diet like?

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@FLbound Hello FLbound, thank you for your comment. Let me tag some members who can share their thoughts on diet for heart conditions with you.

Hello everyone, how are you today? emoticon cute  Have you seen this older discussion? What are your thoughts on diet for cardiovascular disease? Has your doctor or cardiologist recommended any particular diets for you? Have you heard anything about fiber or meat and its effect on the heart? Feel free to share any and all advice here!

Take care,

What is your diet like?

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Yes my doctor has recommended I eat a very low carb and low sugar diet I can have meat preferably fish, chicken, and beef and pork meat in that order and all the vegetables and fruit I can eat that diet is for my DM type2 and also for my heart

and to loose some of this extra lard around my once thin waist.

What is your diet like?

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@FLbound Hi Ted I found something in what you said about being on enzyme replacement therapy and we have that in common. I take enzyme replacement because I lost part of my pancreas do to stones. I will be on enzyme replacement therapy for the rest of my life. I have found that my body tells me what it does not want. When I’m hungry I can look at the food and tell whether or not I desire it almost immediately. Using my intuition as a guide I found myselfOn a vegan diet for quite some time. What I didn’t know is that my bile duct was sutured shut. I now have a stent in that bile duct. Now I am craving meat again.

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