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Hi All, Do anyone take duloxetine for their fibromyalgia?

I'm coming of citalopram and going on Duloxetine next week.

Wondered if anyone else has tried Duloxetine?

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Duloxetine (Cymbalta) - anyone have any experience?

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@113dadsgirl113 sorry for the late response. I initially did not understand the medication you wrote and googled it and say it was the generic name for the trademark brand Cymbalta. I just started this medication - currently on 30 mg for 2 weeks and to increase to 60 mg after.

If you would not mind sharing how the medication has been working for you? Any benefits? How many mg?

Also, I was on lexapro also prior to my diagnosis - but while I was in pain - for depression/anxiety, and I did not feel it helped me at all for pain.

Hope to hear from you. Thank you and hope all is well.

Duloxetine (Cymbalta) - anyone have any experience?

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It has helped me with the musculoskeltal joint pain. I take 60 mg a day.