How do you deal with your fibromyalgia?

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I would love to hear from people who are dealing with this diagnosis. I can't seem to get past this attack. I'm on Lyrica and take my meds religiously. I'm even involved with a chronic pain series on Zoom. Alot of Doctors recommend exercise, I've tried it and after a couple of days I'm in so much pain I can barely move. HELP

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How do you deal with your fibromyalgia?

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@Jagger3 Hello Jagger3, thank you for opening this discussion. Let me tag some of our other members who can possibly share their thoughts and experiences with you.

Hi all, how are you doing? How do you manage your fibromyalgia in the day to day? How do you get through a flare? Does exercise help you at all? 

Feel free to share any advice or experiences here!

Take care,

How do you deal with your fibromyalgia?

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I find rainy and gloomy days the worst. I have a new best friend, it's my heating pad!  I snuggle up in something warm and lay on the heating pad. Just being warm helps. The sad part is that this is a maddening condition that really is painful and uncomfortable. Sometimes you just want to go to sleep and not wake up until there is better help available and more understanding to what we deal with every single day. I have not gotten relief from exercise, only increased pain.

How do you deal with your fibromyalgia?

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@Jagger3 I second @ShaunLee66 's heating pad! I also haven't had any "success" with exercise. It just added to my pain. Maybe something more gentle like yoga or pilates would be better?

Unfortunately what I focus on mostly is treating my symptoms and taking my meds religiously. I've been considering looking into CBD for pain but I haven't had the time to sit down and do the research. 

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