Pre-Diabetic- Please share any advice with me.


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Hi All,

I am recently diagnosed that my A1c level of 5.7 and glucose of 99 and iron deficient by .1 g/dL. Free T3 and T4 are in normal range. I am physically active inspite of sedentry nature of my job but stressed out a lot.  Good cholesterol 28 and bad cholesterol 164.

My doc says that I am 'hypthyroidic' which is not true.

People recommend me to drink guava leaf juice that can bring down the blood sugar(Japan FDA).  I am planning to not take madication. My staple food is rice. 

For past 3 months I was in diet and I eat 1 cup of rice for 24 hrs whereas I used eat almost 3/4 of a cup for one meal. Some research says that too low carb diet can also trigger hypothyroidsm and lead to diabetis. 

I am confused. I am 45 years old male.

Pleasw advice me.

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Pre-Diabetic- Please share any advice with me.

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Pre-Diabetic- Please share any advice with me.

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@anbuaru  hi you ONLY ate 1 cup of rice in 24 hours???  That sounds Crazy???  Check with your community hospital, my community hospital offers Free health classes, they educated me on my health.  Doctors don't seem to Care.  At one time I had cholesterol that was almost 400!!!  The doctor didn't tell me, my friend who was a dietitian is the one who told me, she said I was a walking Time Bomb?

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