How to support someone with type 2 diabetes?


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It is hard being a partner of someone who has type 2 and they do not take care of themselves. Especially when in some cases the condition is basically due to their own lifestyle choices. 
I think the partners get forgotten in the treatment of this condition. Some type 2 don’t realise how their personality changes. 

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How to support someone with type 2 diabetes?

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Hello @Refreshed‍, thank you for starting this discussion. You bring up a great point, it can be challenging being the caregiver or partner of someone with a chronic illness. How do you handle things when you're feeling frustrated?

For our other loved ones and caregivers in the group, how do you feel about this? Do you ever find it challenging being there or supporting your loved one? Have you noticed their personality has changed with diabetes? What do you do to also take care of yourself?

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How to support someone with type 2 diabetes?

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@Refreshed thank you for that insight- I know that he knows I care, and in his own way has expressed appreciation that I support him in the diabetic journey as I call it- and I realize that the mood changes are the "off" levels, and I will say casually, aha, that's the reason- I am glad I can vent about it, and get feedback 

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