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Anybody else having issues with the Abbott Freestyle sensors being bad or way off from BG readings?

I switched from poking my finger to the 10 day sensors and then to the 14 day sensors and am seeing so many of the sensors being so far off it's a wonder that the FDA allows this on the market.

This current sensor is probably the 7th in the last 11 months that has been terribly off.  Abbott has replaced some of them in the past (when the reader showed a specific error code) but that doesn't help when the sensor is reading a nice low number for days on end and then you stick your finger to see that you're into the upper 100's (190) or sometimes even higher.

Today I broke out the old Onetouch IQ BG meter to check and got:

Libre Sensor 139
Libre BG reading: 169
Onetouch BG reading: 171

Last night it shows that I had a low down into the 50's.

I'm on another group forum and many people report that their sensor is only off by a few points compared to their blood reading, so I think either people are lying, delusional or I'm just continually getting bogus sensors. 

The highest discrepancy that I've seen has been over 70 point difference.

Is there anybody in this group that uses the Libre 14 day CGM that is also experiencing such large discrepancies between their BG and the sensor frequently like I am?

I have my Dr's appointment at the end of this month so I'm going to ask her to check with my insurance to see if they'll allow me to switch to the Dexcom 6 and hope that I get more accurate results using that.

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Libre sensor problems

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YEESSS!! MEE!! Hi. I'm new here and was actually JUST looking for threads on Freestyle Libre, but not specifically for this question, though I will chime in b/c I am experiencing the same thing.  I am a very new user, put my first one, on Friday...I'm about to put my THIRD one on...will explain that one in a min. But yes, I have noticed from the start that my #'s are pretty far off from my Relion meter.  Like going by the sensor, I have been in target range and for example this morning I checked fasting, FSL said 117 (I have NEVER been that low on a fbs like EVER...I tend to have the dawn phenomenon and mine seems to spike between 4 and 6 am for whatever reason) But I then checked with my Relion meter and it said 149, which is closer to accurate for my fbs....or at least that is what I am use to seeing. I'm not sure which one is more accurate.  

My biggest issue right now, besides the difference in readings,  is that I'm about to have to put on my THIRD sensor.  My first one started coming off day before yesterday.  I called the company and they are sending me a new one free of charge. When I put the 2nd one on, I put plenty of 'skin tac' on and followed the directions and  low and behold, I bumped into the side of a door this morning and the dang thing came half way off, Knowing that the rep I talked to with the company said that when that happens, you should take it off b/c it will no longer be accurate, I took it off. So, now about to put on a third one.  I have the simpatches that have the hole in the middle, but I couldn't see as to where that even helped with the first one.  I was hoping to get on here and find out maybe other products that will help them stick or perhaps other areas that they can be placed.  I love this thing,it has been making me more aware of what I am eating and how certain foods effect my blood sugar, but I can't afford to keep knocking them off or for them to come off b/c I was sweating from working out.  

I'm sorry, I know that wasn't your question, but am hoping someone will see and offer help, but yes, I feel you on those readings.  I don't know which one is more accurate.  I was told by my dr that the Libre sensor would be more accurate but I am just not sure, but I know I am sick and beyond tired of killing my finger tips .  

Libre sensor problems

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I knew it couldn't just be me.  Woke up this morning showing 111, did a BG test to show 177.
Unfortunately I started this sensor with the Abbott app so the Libre reader can't read from this sensor since it didn't start the sensor, so can't call Abbott to report it as the iPhone app doesn't seem to record error codes anywhere.

Thanks for the reply

Libre sensor problems

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@Traijan @Sanditype2‍ I have never experienced such large discrepancies. However, I do not think your concerns are invalid at all. Sorry @Traijan‍ that you felt that before. I, like you, also have spoken to others on other forums when this first came out a few years ago and remember hearing people speak of these discrepancies. I however have experienced discrepancies but nothing to the extent you both are experiencing.

@Sanditype2‍ I gave you some advice in your other pose. I hope it helps :)

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