Food and the Holidays... What do you do?


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As the Holiday Season is upon us and Christmas and New Years are around the corner, many of us will be faced with attending family gatherings and enormous amount of foods, of which much may be unhealthy and high in sugar.

While holidays are supposed to be nice and enjoyable because we are able to spend time with loved-ones and enjoy some time away from the busy hours of work and normal life, this, in addition to the food, may cause stress and other difficulties for those dealing with chronic conditions.

Do you face stress around the holidays? If so, what causes the stress and how do you cope with it?

How do you approach the holidays and food?

Do you make special arrangements or proposals in regard to plans and food?

Beginning of the discussion - 12/19/18

Food and the Holidays... What do you do?

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The holidays are enoyable and I do enjoy them one they arrive and I am with the family; however, I dread the season and the days ahead... I feel so exhausted with my chronic pain and diabetes that I feel I will not be able to make it through the family gathering, but I usually end up doing ok once I am at the event.

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