Can someone explain to me the numbers?


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I am a girlfriend to a person who recently was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I have tried to understand the numbers, but I am struggling to really understand what numbers are good/bad?

I am understanding that there are numbers for fasting and numbers for 2-hours after a meal. Can anyone with diabetes better explain this to me? It would be so greatly appreciated.

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Can someone explain to me the numbers?

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Hello cristonale,

I am happy to hear that you are interested in the condition of your significant other. I will explain the numbers as best as I can:

A1C: this is very important to use with diabetes because it is a measurement of our average blood glucose level over the past two or three months. Most peoples levels are recommended to be below 7%.

Blood Sugar: The most important. We tend to do self checks with a pin prick before and after meals and at night. Most doctors recommend the blood glucose level before meals be between 70 to 130 and less than 180 one to two hours after eating.

Blood Pressure: recommended range is about 140/80

Also, I get my kidney checked each year. I do not remember the recommended number for that off the tope of my head, but many diabetics also worry about their kidney function since diabetes can also affect the kidneys by having high levels of blood glucose.

Can someone explain to me the numbers?

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Ok, I'm going to add my 3¢ worth (inflation).  Sometimes A1c depends on where your dr prefers you to be.  At diagnosis, I was 12.2.  Waaay too high.  My average bg was 303.  As we age they let us get by with higher nos, ie; less than 7, which is full on diabetes.  I prefer, for myself, to be close to 6.  Currently, I'm at 5.7, still full on diabetes but well controlled.  My labs for the kidney Dr estimate my average glucose at 111.  My lowest was 5.4 which is considered pre diabetic ( I think).  That doesn't mean that I can stop taking my med though.

I do have chronic kidney disease, stage 3.  It means my kidneys are not functioning at 100%.  Because I had very little medical history, my Drs assume it is related to diabetes.  Optimal kidney function is above 60. If unfortunately, I am below that, usually somewhere in the 50s.  Below 30 is stage 4, and less than that (below 15) is closing in on dialysis. At this point, there is no treatment for me other than lots of liquids and being careful what I eat.

Back to diabetes.  Between 80 & 120 is good fasting nos.  1-2 hrs after meals, some will tell you 180, some say 140 is best.  For myself, as long as I'm back down close to or under 100 before my next meal, I'm happy.  Most days my fasting bg is in the 90s.  If it consistently comes in above 105, then most likely I have an infection somewhere in my body (usually a uti, which is common for diabetics).

It took me just under 6 mos, with diet and insulin to get from 12.2 to 6.4.  I am currently off all insulin and use Bydureon only.

Because of other health issues, I see my Dr every 3 mos and have the works for labs each time.  Hope this helps some.

Can someone explain to me the numbers?

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Awesome! Thank you so much to both of you.

@suecsdy‍, what is Bydureon? Is that a medication to help with BG level?

I am so happy to hear you are off insulin. My girlfriend is on insulin, so wondering what exactly that name you stated is.

Thanks in advance.

Can someone explain to me the numbers?

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I was on insulin for about a year and a half.  But in spite of my best efforts, I couldn't lose any weight.  I had excellent control of my bg, so my Dr let me try Victoza.  Then my ins made that nonformulary so I changed to Bydureon. It's a weekly injectable. I'm doing great with my diabetes, but still haven't lost any weight.  But I was able to get off all insulin. It works by encouraging the pancreas to make its own insulin.  It's not a first line drug for diabetes and not for T1 diabetics. I love the once a week part.  I've been using it for 2 years.

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