How do you deal with mood swings?

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Lately I have been having "sudden" mood changes.   I can like literally feel it wash over me.   I generally have my depression under control but then all these little stressors happen and sometimes it's only one or 2, other times just to many.    I withdrawl, grow quiet and want to be left alone,   I hate when this happens.   I'm having an episode tonight.  I do have a lot going on but,,,,this feeling just makes me angry.

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How do you deal with mood swings?

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Hello @rayofsun66‍, thank you for opening this discussion. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with mood swings. Are you feeling any better? Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you. 

Hi everyone, have you ever experienced mood swings with your depression? How do you handle them? Is there something that helps you to feel better? 

Feel free to share any thoughts or advice with us here!

Take care,

How do you deal with mood swings?

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Thank you for your note.  Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.   Life has been crazy!   My daughter, age 32 had to have a hysterectomy.  I took time off work because I wanted to be there for her if she needed me and I took care of my granddaughter (my daughter/granddaughter) live with me,  Then my son had to fire his babysitter and they needed a sitter until the found another one so I also had a 5 month old every day.   He cut 2 teeth during those 2 weeks so that was fun!!    Things are finally winding down,  I worked 3 days last week and will be back to my regular hours this coming week.

I am feeling better.  My moods come and go, I am grateful that is not an everyday thing.  Sometimes I can go weeks without feeling that "shift" in my mood.   I know it's stress, depression and anxiety that causes it and I can generally work through all of that but sometimes it just all seems to add up all at once and so quick than I feel so overwhelmed.  My whole body just feels like a chaotic mess.  Because some of this is caused by my daughter ( she has anxiety, depression and is constantly dealing with baby daddy drama) it's hard for me to "calm" myself with just quiet time.     I take a depression med and an anxiety med daily, without the anxiety med I am pretty sure my mood swings would be x10.   They changed the generic manufacturer once and my body knew it.   I never want to feel that out of control again.    For a long time I though I was bi-polar because of the up and down mood.  I have 2 half siblings that have been diagnosed with it and I was just certain I did too, My counselor assures me that I am not but somewhere in the back of my mind that thought just sits there and tries to convince me otherwise!

Again, thank you for taking the time to check in with me.    Have a lovely weekend.  We celebrated my granddaughters 5th birthday  today and the weather was beautiful.  Both her and my daughter's birthday is March 29th!  I love that they share their birthday :)

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