How to talk to someone about self-harm?

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My boyfriend wants to see my cutting leg. I have always struggled with depression but I cut instead of killing myself and I'm in it really bad I've done it three times this week and he is coming to visit me in college this weekend and asked to see it. I am embarrassed and I feel like he doesn't understand bc he comes from a pretty perfect family and they are great and I'm from a family that I hate.

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How to talk to someone about self-harm?

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Hello SamElizabeth, thank you for opening this discussion and sharing what you're going through. Please know that the Carenity community is here to support you through what you're going through.
And if the feelings behind your self-harm ever get too much for you, know that you get help by texting HOME to 741741 any time of day or night. 

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Have you ever struggled with self-harm? How and when did you get help for it? How did you start the conversation with those you care about? Do you have any advice for Sam Elizabeth?

Feel free to share your thoughts and advice here, we're all here to support one another!

Take care,

How to talk to someone about self-harm?

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Thats how you start the conversation right there. Tell him your embarrassed by it. Tell him you feel like he doesn't truly get. You don't have to blame it on his family for not getting it. But when I talk to someone. I keep in mind that they dont probably know how it is. So I dont ever react with a comment or advice  that they have. It may sound ridiculous to you but from there side of it there doing the best they can. But if you start with the embarrassing one. I think from there you'll just know what to say. But good luck. Hope everything goes well.

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