What if I never get married?


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I've had a strong desire for marriage ever since I was a teen.    It's really been heavy on me for the past 10 years to get married.   I turn 40, and the dating pool is getting quite shallow, and in desperate need of some chlorine.

What bothers me is the fact that I have absolutely NO control of it.    Getting married relies completely on fate.   It's not a goal I can earn.

I want a better job?   Go to school and get the relevant education.   Want a house or better car?  Save up $.   There's no game plan to make marriage happen.

 No one seems interested in me except for a few that are absolute terrible matches for me.   What if that's the best, or only offer of marriage I'll ever get?

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What if I never get married?

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@Reptilemamma Hey, I'm not necessarily interested in marriage for myself, but I know what you mean about feeling alone and like you're never going to find the right person for you. I know it's cliche and what everyone says, but I'm honestly starting to think that it'll happen when I'm not looking for it. I've been trying to focus on myself and what make me happy as a person and what I love about myself for a bit and then maybe when I feel ready I'll start looking again.

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