Trying to see the positive in things

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 Today I moved into my rented room.  I didn't have much of a choice but I try to see the positive in things. I know that im blessed to even have a room to go to especially in these days,  I live in a basement the owner lives upstairs and she rents a few rooms out of her basement, there is another man renting a room here also he's a good man that I know from my AA meetings and the AA club we both go to he's also the cook there. But as times are they closed the club indefinitely? Obviously neither one of us are well off i have very little savings my unemployment insurance ran out a few months ago. I was working as my mother's PCA and she passed away last September 2nd 😪 and I've been in a deep depression since. But she raised me with respect and compassion for others. I get a little food stamps from the county and I told my roommate that I would split what I get with him and that Smile on his face afterwards just made my day I told him that I wanted nothing in return just pay it forward when you can. And seeing all the people out there in these troubling times reaching out and helping others is what I truly needed to see! It gives me hope again knowing that there are still many wonderful people out there. God Bless You All 

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Trying to see the positive in things

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@Jackson1 Hello Jackson1, thank you for the update! I'm glad you've found a nice place to stay. That's wonderful that you're sharing with your roommate. During this difficult times kindness is so important, like you said. It's these like moments and actions that give us all a bit of hope.

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