Old friend - a poem about depression


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Oh, hello old friend. How great of you to stop by, and you walk right on in, like you do Everytime.

My room use to be sunny and bright, now you've come back around, I can barely stay awake during the day, and I can barely sleep at night.

Oh, old friend what memories you bring, it's never a nice feeling when you show me these things, things I quite often try to forget, but you come around to remind me I hide a life full of regret. 

Such a sad way you wrap around me so tight, such a cold feeling, but at least I'm not alone at night.

Oh old friend, how I never miss you at all, but here you are again, Everytime and I never have to call. At least you think of me, and come around, at least you know where to find me when I try hard not to be found, at least you remind me of how lonely my life can really be.

But please, my old friend, I just want you to get away from me.

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Old friend - a poem about depression

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Wow what a powerful poem. Did you write this because it’s phenomenal. Thank you for posting this. It puts into words exactly what I am feeling right now. 

Old friend - a poem about depression

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Thank you, yes I did. I was feeling very depressed this day so I wanted to write something, I haven't wrote in a while, but after your poem I was inspired to write again, I forgot how good it felt to write my feelings out and put it in a poem, thank you 

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