Lost in between my head and my heart


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I am lost in my between my head amd my heart. My life is falling apart like i said it was going too. Allci ever wanted was my family and now thatcshit getting hard he wants to leave. I feel alone in my owm mind. My heart keeps telling me to fight for what i want. But my mind says fuck it if he wants to leave let him.  I been through hell this whole relationship. Shit that could habe end my life or messed it up over this man. Now i have this newborn baby girl. That all i cam thimk about is her and what going be good for her. I dont know if i want this relationship to end or if i want to keep hurting my self knowimg This man never going to love me. It hard to be with a man that has scary mental problems. I live my life on the end to make sure i dont make him feel a way. I am belittle ever day of my life about everything my passed life my body my life now everything. If it wasnt for this little girl i honestly think i be dead either he would kill me or i would. I am lost and cant find my self 

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Lost in between my head and my heart

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@Sunset94 Hey, it sounds like you're really going through something, reading what you wrote really got to me. I'm obviously not an expert, but I think it's important that you think about you and your needs. Your daughter needs you and you can only be there for here if you're doing alright mentally, emotionally, physically. If you're scared in your relationship that may be a sign that it's not a healthy relationship. Obviously I'm not in your situation and I don't know all that's going on, but please think about yourself and your own safety and that of your daughters. 

I've been in a domestic violence situation before and I know how scary it is, so please think about reaching out for help you you ever think  you're in danger: https://www.thehotline.org/get-help/

You're not alone 

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