I'm never gonna be okay and thats okay


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I usually try to be optimistic about things In life but im also a realist I base my life on logic rather then emotion, and I'm good at controlling my emotions it takes alot to drain me however there some exceptions that does mentally kill me everyday, I can come to the terms with reality, I can accept the way things are/or adapt to it, and everyday I see how people behave towards me they treat me almost as if i were not human, the thing is I don't mind it, its probably just something personal with themselves, the problem is when it starts to negatively intfere with my personal life such as trying to keep and simple job, and yes I did lose my job today and I'm not upset that I lost the job I'm just bothered in the way I did lose it, the job I was doing would have taken six weeks of training or even more depending on that person, however in my case I just started last week and i got fired today, now you tell me just how the fuck do you loose your job in training, and this job isn't hard it's medicore for what it is, apparently though the reason why I got fired was cause I was making to many mistakes, likewise your training your gonna make a mistake it's your first time, I asked them how did I make an mistake I knew all the steps on how to do it correctly I even asked for help when I needed it and for me it was fairly easy I was getting used to it, they told me that they did not know how maybe I was going to fast or I was doing something wrong but they can't have this many mistakes, I told them okay since I just started maybe I should take more time to practice with someone else they told that it would not be possible and just fired me, I was in shock and visibly confused as to how or what just happened, through out the whole day I kept questioning on what did i do wrong, how, who, where it drove me mad almost. Another job lost on my list, I've lost multiple jobs and I've barely even started them, its almost comical how I lose something before it even starts and I've noticed this constant repetition in my life not only with my jobs but practically with everything else, no matter what I try to do whether it's changing myself or something I always end up in square 1, rinse and repeat it almost makes me sick but the only thing I'm good at doing is accepting.

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I'm never gonna be okay and thats okay

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Hello @Abb123 ,

I'm truly sorry you lost your job! But it is great to know that you are trying to stay optimistic and are not giving up.

I hope you will be able to talk to other Carenity members and find support and understanding.

Take care!

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